The Art of Illusion

Everything we see - or seem to see - is, in essence, an illusion. 

This is clear when looking at a masterpiece of art. We may think we are seeing an endless landscape, or a beautiful person. We may believe the picture shows light, shadows, life, perspective, and so much else.  

But, in reality, what are we really looking at?  

Nothing more than pigment on canvas.

2d masquerading as 3d.

An illusion.

And, this goes deeper than just art

Look at the world around us - is it not also full of illusions?

Stand still for a moment, and this earth of ours feels very much as if it is stationary. Yet, we know that it is hurtling through space at around 70,000 mph. So we are only experiencing an illusion of stillness.

And consider the every day objects around us. The table we sit at, or the walls that surround us, or the trees, buildings, and vehicles outside our window.

All of them, in their own unique way, appear to be so solid, don't they?

They seem so definite in form- and so different from one another. But, essentially, they are all the same. Just a collection of tiny particles - and an amalgamation of colours - which happened to come together - and which, in themselves, have no real solidity to them at all.

Again, nothing but an illusion.

So Illusion is at the very nature of the world that we experience.

And, once we know this, we are left with two choices.

Either marvel at the illusion.

Or seek to discover it's secrets.

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