For as long as I can remember, I have always gravitated towards things like storytelling, poetry, and philosophy.

Essentially, anything which encourages us to see the world in a different way - or to feel something we may never have felt before. 

I am predominately self educated - and for many years lived a very isolated life.

But having always read widely, I took a lot of personal inspiration from the Renaissance Ideal of being a Polymath; which is all about striving to become a master of many different fields.

As such, my work can be quite varied

But, in all mediums, my goals remain the same

  • To tell meaningful stories

  • To express emotion 

  • To share philosophy in all its forms

  • And to use creativity as a way of exploring the deeper layers of this world



(Published Fiction/Poetry Books)

  • Short story Judes published with Unexplained (2012)

  • Debut book:  The Diary of an Old Drunk (published in print, 2017. )

  • Poor Guy - published as an ebook  2018

  • Stories of Sages and Sibyls - Published in print July 2020

  • Café Days - Coming soon

  • Photo Meditations Collection - Coming soon

(Non Fiction Books)

  • The Fibonacci Model for Higher Dimensions - Published January 2020

  • Psychology Insights - Carl Jung's Modern Man in search of a soul

  • A Course In Stoicism - Published April 2021


Creative Collaborations

  •  "PARACOSM" campaign with Conduit Wellness  (Writing and Modelling the clothing)

Fine Art

  • Available for commissions

  • Creating renaissance and Impressionist inspired sketches 

  • Cityscape commissions for private collectors - national and International