Fiction & Poetry

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NEW BOOK - Coming Soon JUNE 2022


A unique and unforgettable work of

modern fiction.

George Bothamley is a writer of genuine originality - with a style of "spoken word prose" that can only be compared to the likes of Charles Bukowski and Fernando Pessoa


Debut Book - Now re released

The Diary of an old Drunk

A mixture of Poetry,  prose, autobiography and philosophy.

The Diary of an Old Drunk gives a very raw and real account of a life on the streets.

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Stories of Sages and Sibyls

A collection of 7 philosophical and spiritual fables - written in a style intended to bring classic storytelling back into the modern world

Poor Guy

A 6000 word short story of Magic, Delusion

and Tragedy.


Written like a piece of classic folklore - it incorporates elements from a wide variety of mystic and symbolist traditions - to tell of the unwitting effects of blind faith 

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Photo Meditations

Coming soon

A collection of fine art photography, poetry and prose

Non Fiction and Digital Downloads

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Available as ebook or physical edition

A collection of quotes from writers across Stoic literature, including Epictetus, Seneca and Marcus Aurelius - giving you the most easy to access introduction to Stoic thought