The words that I write
Are wishes set free
And emotions to feel
If you know how to see

But you're missing the point
Of this poetry

It's all about you
Not about me

Just one more chance
Just one more dance
Just one last stolen glance

Before the moon forsakes the sky
My love - Don't say goodbye

Remember the lights
That used to shine
With your heart so close to mine

Remember the nights we danced so long
And this was our favourite song.

And i know it's too late
To ask for more
We're not who we were before
These memories in mind are ghosts at the door
And shadows all over this floor

But darling by the break of day
Before the music fades away.

Just one more chance
Just one more dance
Just one last stolen glance

Fame isn't success;

And money isn't happiness;

What you possess is not impressive,

Expensive dress is useless;

So don't stress,

Or get depressed;

Express your essence,

Nothing less;

Ask questions,

Learn lessons,

Count your blessings,

Do your best.

Have faith, and keep believing,

Because every flower has it's season;

And remember, if you're still breathing -

There must be a reason.

Put down your guard, dear 

give up on the night.

Lay down your daggers 

I'm not here to fight.

Come out of the shadows, 

step into the sun.

I'm not here to justify,

or excuse what's been done


And i don't need to remind you

of the times and the days

I'm not trying to convince you

of a change in my ways

You know me too well, dear -

there's nothing to hide

There's no crown of thorns here . . .

it's been crucified


The deal has gone down

on this gamblers game

The candle burnt out,

and i'm not mourning the flame

And i'm not looking to blame you

for the tears that i've cried

I just want you to know, dear


My love never died

Butterfly, so shy

sitting on my shoulder

Sunrise cries

for the times i told her

Don't want to die

but i keep getting older

And soon the day is over

Then the moon, so sad

so young and lowly

Spills it's soul

over ground so holy

Looking through these eyes

and these eyes only

I know that you're lonely