Sunrise and Sunset

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?

It is a difficult question, i know. And perhaps the two can never truly be compared to eachother.

After all - on one hand, we have the birth of the day. 'Fresh and rosy fingered', as the Homer would say. Which comes with such beautiful promise, and mystery over what lies ahead of us. And then, on the other hand, we have the break of the day.

Where all deeds have been done. And our morning mysteries have now become evening's history.

The light of a sunrise plays out to the tune of our morning birds.

But then, with the sheer power and intensity of colours in our sunset skies - i cannot help but think of those ancient legends of the swan; how it sing it's most beautiful song just before it dies. . . just like how humans, in our last moments, are supposedly given the gift of prophetic wisdom (just like Socrates in Phaedo - or Hector in the Iliad).

It is sad.

But, at the same time, it is beautiful too. because, though every peaceful morning brings a chaotic afternoon; And every bright day must eventually fade into the night . . .

In both cases, we are learning the same lesson.

The every 'ending' is, essentially, nothing but a metamorphosis.

The end of the day is the beginning of the night. And the night will soon give rise to another rosy fingered dawn.

But, in all cases - the deeper essence remains.

It is one expression of beauty, transforming into another.

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