Psychology is "The Study of the Soul"

Very broadly speaking, modern Psychology is often split into three fields.

  • Science - i.e what we see in Academic studies, Neuroscience, Artificial intelligence etc

  • Medicine - including psychiatry and pharmaceuticals


  • Psychotherapy - in the forms of counselling, talking therapies, cognitive / exposure therapies and so on.

Of course, many of these fields may overlap too. And, without a doubt, each of them has an essential role to play in helping people with all manner of psychological difficulties.

But, the trouble is, by thinking of psychology only in line with these three fields, we are actually losing sight of it's original purpose. Namely, as an extension of philosophy - dedicated specifically to our individual quest to understand our self.

After all, the key is in the name if we break it down fully.

Psychology comes from two Greek roots

"Psyche" which means soul

and Logia - which means study.

Therefore, Psychology should always be first and foremost seen as the "study of the soul".

Or, in less esoteric terms . . . the process of self enquiry. Where the idea is to turn our attention inwards, and try to understand exactly what makes us who we are.

This can range from trying to gain a better understanding of our individual goals or ambitions for life . . . all the way to asking ourselves deeper question like what exactly is "the soul" - or what shapes our identity - and who is this "I am" that seems to be the observer of all our experiences.

But, in all cases, the key thing is that the practice of psychology does not need to always be limited to academia, medicine, or even formal "therapy".

To study your own soul - or to pursue greater self awareness - is one of the most beneficial aims any of us can pursue in this life. And, though having additional support can certainly help us on the journey, the beauty is that real practice of psychology is truly an intuitive process.

Something each and every person is capable of - regardless of educational background.

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