My Signature

Much of my art is intended to pay homage in some way to the people who have inspired me.

This may be fairly obvious - i.e through the design of the work, the medium used, or the pose etc.

Or, it may be more subtle - perhaps taking just a single element, and building something original around that.

But, there is an additional tribute i place on all of my pictures - in the form of my signature.

When i sign my name on a work - i do so using only my first name, and writing in mirror script.

It is only a very small thing. But, for me, it holds great significance. Because this is my way of paying homage to two men who have inspired my work so much; Vincent van Gogh, and Leonardo da Vinci.

It was Leonardo who first influenced me to begin writing in mirror script. (Although, unlike him, I do this both left and right handed)

And my love of Van Gogh meant that i was transfixed by his "Vincent" signature from the moment i first took up art.

It always struck me as such a personal touch - to sign a painting as if it were a letter to a friend, as opposed to with a full name or watermark, which makes t closer to an official document.

I also related to how Vincent would say that he never really felt attached to his last name - and the certain dynastic expectations it carried. It showed me that his signature, just like his art in general, was a way for him to strip back all disguises, and show himself for the sensitive, passionate man he was at heart.

And this is something i wanted to emulate too.

So, in this sense, I suppose I am quite different to most other artists.

Because, when i sign something - i am not doing it in order to say "I did this".

Rather, I am trying to say "I did this . . . because of these men".

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