Essentially, the purpose of meditation is to become centred.

It is about allowing ourselves to just "be". With no judgement. And no distractions.

And calming our mind, to the point that we are able to reconnect with our own true, internal, nature.

Then, we become like an empty vessel. Able to listen to the wisdom of silence.




Of course, there are many different forms of meditation.

In that sense, it is a tree with many fruits.

But, a basic practice, is to simply sit and focus on the breath.

Nothing else. Just the breath. This thing which we all take so much for granted - and yet, is the corner stone of our lives.

We focus on that - and then, just notice what happens.

How our mind wanders and returns.

And our emotions ebb and flow.

And our bodily sensations rise and fall, like an ocean tide.

In this internal world of ours, there is so much for us to pay attention to.

And, always, we are simply noticing it - observing it - and then returning to the breath.

Although, as time goes on, we might also find ourselves wondering;

"Who is the observer?

After all - if we are the witness of our own thoughts and feelings - then, these are things which only belong to us.

They are not the true self.

So, what exactly is the self?

When we refer to ourselves as "i" . . . who is I?




Unfortunately, these are questions i do not yet have the answers to.

But, that is exactly why i think they are so worth exploring.


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