Contrast and Connection

I took this picture because i liked the contrast between the fragility of a flower - and vastness of the land.

But, in looking at it again, it makes me think of something else entirely.. Not a contrast . . . But, rather, a connection. . After all - these flowers will bloom - fade - and die - Only to find new life in the earth - and eventually bloom once again . . . And, similarly, if we were to watch these cliffs for long enough, this story would play out again. The land grows . . . Then gets eroded . . . Then falls into the sea . . . And, finally, becomes part of the land again. (Either sinking to the depths - or being washed up in a different forn on the shore) .

One cycle may take months The other may take years. But here - as in so much of life - it is all a process of perpetual metamorphosis

The same story, . . Just played out by different actors.

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