Boredom and Creativity

Often, we think that the key to creativity is some kind of external stimulation. For example, we see, hear, or experience something new - and this gives us inspiration.

But, actually, one of the beneficial states we can experience for inspiring deeper creative thinking, is that of boredom. Because when there is nothing to do, and nowhere to be, and nothing else to really capture our attention; our mind is free to roam wherever it likes.

Of course, this can cause negative feelings like anxiety, obsessions, or ruminating over certain things that have happened to us.

But, if we are able to calm ourselves, and embrace this state of boredom - soon enough, we will feel a unique sense of freedom. Realising that, truly, we can occupy ourselves with all manner of imaginative wanderings.

There are fictional worlds and magical kingdoms within us, just waiting to be explored. And, at the same time, there are creative solutions to all the problems we might be facing in our own lives too - if we only follow the flight of our imagination.

So, allowing ourselves to be bored sometimes is no bad thing. In fact, it is something we should seek out more - as a way of escaping the grips of our fast paced, content heavy world, and reconnecting with the nature of our own self.

Day in and day out, we are "fed" an endless supply of mental and emotional stimulation. From social media scrolling, to podcasts and videos, to music, films, advertising, and so much more.

But while this, (in moderation) can, of course, be good for our creative growth . . . over consumption of anything will always lead to a sense of lethargy.

And we may find ourselves living absolutely everyone else's life, except our own.

Whereas, if we use those times when we are alone to really just switch off from everything, and "turn inwards" for a while . . . it is amazing just how much we can learn - and create - from the emptiness of boredom

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