Photo Meditations - After Eden - a Philosophical fable

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

After Eden, all that remained of the Trees of Life and Knowledge, was a single cutting from the end of a branch.

This was taken by Adam and Eve, just before they left the garden

As the last remnant of their former idyll.

But, over time, neither of them could recall whether the cutting came from the tree of Life or the tree of Knowledge;

And, as such, they could not agree what they should do with it now.

Should they treat it like Life . . . And preserve it between them for as long as possible?

Or, should they treat it like Knowledge . . . And plant it so that it could bear fruit for future generations ?. . . (Though that would mean them having to give up it's possession for themselves)

I do not know which option they chose in the end

But i wonder . . . What would you do?

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