Street Parable

I remember one Sunday morning, when I was sitting by a cathedral;

This guy walked past me, and I asked him for some change.

Well, of course, he looked down at me - both literally and figuratively.

But I'm used to that.

What I'm not used to though, was what he said next.

In his "holier than thou" manner, he pointing at the Cathedral,

And said to me

"Get up - go in there - repent - ask for forgiveness.

Change your own wicked ways, and you wouldn't need to beg like you do."

He then gave me a final shake of his head, and walked off.

Obviously very happy with himself.

Well, I just sat a while; kind of baffled by it all.

And, as I watched him meet with all his buddies all meet at the Cathedral door,

Two thoughts came into my head.

First, was just the sheer ignorance of it all.

Because, sure, I'm out here - and he's in there.

I'm alone - he's with friends.

But does he really think that I'm the only one with sins to repent?

Or forgiveness to seek?

Does he really think that this life of mine is only lived by the wicked?

That was my first thought.

Then, my second thought - which is the one I wish I had said to him directly - was this:

Besides - maybe you need stained glass and gold Chandeliers to talk to God.

But, me?

I can talk to him just fine here

Where I am.

Where He put me.

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