Natural Philosophy - Infinite Skies

To make it to the infinite skies, we must first navigate the wilderness.

But each person's sky . . . Just like each person's wilderness . . . Is unique. And ever changing

So sometimes, it is literally what we see in the picture below.

When we find ourselves out in the open - trying to push through trees, plants, thorns, grass and weeds . . . In order to take a pretty picture of the delicate sky.

Whereas other times, these notions of the infinite sky and the wilderness are more metaphorical.

For example, when we are trying to pursue wisdom through ignorance. Or success through adversity. Or hope in times of despair

In all cases; the processes and situations may differ. But the reality remains constant.

In our day to day existence, we are surrounded by so much that is material . . . and fleeting. . . and limited in it's nature.

We may meet all manner of beauty, ugliness, sucesses or misfortunes throughout our life - but, still, there remains this deeper part of us which seems to always be seeking more.

It is a voice - or a knowing - or, perhaps just a feeling;

Which tells us that, beyond this wilderness, there lies another sky.

Beyond these limitations - there is something infinite.

And, even if we don't quite know where or what this is yet . . .

It is, without a doubt, something worth pursuing

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